Start Your Own Website With an Online Website Maker

Want to start your own website the easy way?  A website maker is a tool that enables easy and faster website creation.  You don’t need to be a professional web designer to start your own website  as most of these tools do not need any coding. There are various types of website makers: some online based and others software based.


Online based verses software based website makers.

Majority of software based website builders use FTP to load a site on the internet which means that you will need to find a hosting company that supports File Transfer Protocol. In comparison, most online based start your own website web builders are owned by hosting companies hence there is no worrying about the transfer protocol used.

Also, online based creators have more features compared to software based which come with a few templates and images. While online base website makers come with great customizing capabilities with a wide range of templates as well as images.

Flexibility and ease of use is a key factor when it comes to website makers, though it is still possible to get a high level of flexibility and ease of use in some software based website makers, they are quite difficult for beginners and usually on the expensive side. The same or even a higher level of flexibility as well ease of use can be found in an online based website builder for much less.


Desirable features of online website makers

When you start a website you will be faced with a lot of different options.  Before you can decide what to get it’s important to know what you need.  Here are some of the most common features that you are going to want your online web builder to have when you start your website.

Drag and drop capabilities: This feature enables easy and faster web page design by simply dragging and dropping icons on the web page. The maker will take care of the HTML code.

Templates and images: a good website maker should have a variety of ready made templates that will help a user start the design process.

Customizable email account: in addition to designing a web site you get a customizable email account.  Round the clock support: This is another advantage of online website makers. This comes in handy when you need assistance in using the online tool.


Step of Designing Website Using Website Makers

Decide what kind of website you are creating in terms what the website is intended to accomplish; informational or sales oriented. In addition, decide the features you would like to include in your website.

The next step is to choose a website layout and planning how to arrange the various site features such as the social media buttons, main contents and the main menu buttons (Home, about us and contact us).

The next task is to find a good website maker depending on the website requirements. Google search can provide a variety of options to choose from. Also you can seek advice from people who have already used these tools.

The next step is creating the actual design; choosing the best theme, colors and the font styles to use. It is very important to choose a consistent color scheme.

Adding website content: There are numerous photos and content that can be linked to a site upon request. It is also possible to write content by researching the internet. Do not copyright any content, as it is illegal.

Website maintenance: This step involves updating site contents and restructuring to keep a website fresh and new. Content updating should be done regularly to keep the information relevant.



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Before Selling Off Your Domain

In this digital age, having a domain name is considered as a worthy investment. Its similar to the case of a property worth selling. There are plenty of people engaging in buying and selling off domains around the web. You can make a sweet deal with a buyer and sell off your website quite easily. Just like in the case of real estate, you need to make a website worth presenting before you can actually hope to make a sale. Just like property owners renovate their homes and give it a new coat of painting, you too actually need to offer something valuable with your website to gain attention of potential buyers. Every real estate transaction use the help of a realtor. It goes the same in the sale of websites too. You need a middleman to present your website to potential buyers. Enter Flippa !

Before presenting your website, you actually need to make a statement. The main emphasis of potential buyers is on the revenue model of the website. Its how the website makes money that shall interest them. A website making pennies, is worth pennies to them. Most of these buyers are serious buyers and shall never look at a website not worth investing. Hence make sure that your website do have some revenue model. You can post screenshots of your Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, or even CPA earnings. They shall ready to pay some 3-5 months income as their rate for the website.

Traffic is one another factor that they look out for. A website that receives plenty of traffic and yet make pennies may not be a presentable material towards such buyers. Hence generate quality traffic for your website and make revenue from it initially, before selling off your domain. A website starting to make money, and a well established website shall fetch different rates in an auction. So post your Analytics stats data too, when you present your website.

The next that these buyers look at is the PR of the website. They consider a website with high PR as a website worth buying. Hence its imperative that your website do have a minimum of PR 3. Some of them even check the Alexa rank and other statistics. But these are not important. Once you have presentable data for all of the above, you can head over to Flippa and list your website. Their listing fee is close to $20, though its subject to change. Its recommended that you try the auction for less than 15 days. Lengthier your auction, lower shall be your potential profits.

Once you pay their listing fee, your listing shall go live. Its recommended that you look through a couple of auctions to gain an idea on how to present the website data. Though against the terms of Flippa, you may occasionally want someone to bid so as to increase your prices. Once someone has bought your website, they shall probably pay you in PayPal. You can then transfer your domain name ownership to the buyer, and help them setup the website. Once that’s over, you have made your first website sale !

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Searching For A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is actually a well though out procedure for most webmasters. Most of them take time in choosing a domain name. After all, buying a domain name takes a mere few seconds. They should be able to make some revenue from the domain name. Otherwise the domain name is no good to them. After all, a domain name is merely an investment in the virtual world. Most school of thoughts teach us to aim for a domain name that is memorable, simple and catchy. Observe the domain name of most brands, and you shall see the truth.

You can search for available domain names in any of the domain registrars like GoDaddy, Net firms, or NameCheap. Choosing a quality domain registrar goes a long way. These three domain registrars are at the pinnacle of domain registration. They are what most webmasters recommend. Though some may argue against GoDaddy after their recent outburst with DNS data, GoDaddy still form one of the top domain registrars in the web. You can also register your domains with hosting providers, as most hosting providers shall offer you domain registration at the time of buying the hosting. You can choose such an option, though its not recommended.

Most webmasters shall opt for a domain name that includes their keywords. The main reason behind it is the unusual way that the Google search engine works. They ranks domain names with their respective keywords higher in their rankings. Though it may have been affected by their recent EMD update, it still has to stop webmasters from choosing an EMD or an Exact Match Domain as their domain name. Some even opt for keywords that include five or six keywords. Though it may be good for SEO, its never recommended if you wish for people to remember your domain name. Its better to opt for a domain name which includes at the most three words, and one that is easy to remember.

The final note worth mentioning is the type of extension to opt for. Most webmasters shall go for a domain name with a com extension. But in majority of the cases, the com extension for your domain name shall be long gone. You may have to opt for any of the top level domain name extensions like org, net or even biz. Most SEO professionals argue that a com domain is easier to rank. An info domain name extension on the other hand is the hardest to rank, and is never recommended. They cost less than $1 in most registrars, but unless your need is to make revenue from such a domain, you should probably stay away from such a domain name extension. Its imperative that you choose one of the top level domain name extensions. In case all the top level extensions are over, you can satisfy yourselves by changing your domain name, or opting for country specific domain extensions. Country specific domain name extensions are a huge craze these days, as they can be used to construct unique domain names like that of Delicious.

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